Friends for life Part -1 friendship “boon” or “curse”

Friendship “boon” or  “curse”

When a story starts with a sad end for a better beginning 

Walked on the path of friendship, found a friend.

A friend who fulfilled the need of my family, my loneliness ,filled up empty places in my life,dont know how to put it exactly she meant everything to me.

We discussed small small matters, and fought for each other when it was required to do so , really my loneliness had vanished , but somewhere in this friendship, I always thought I was more envolved 

In last 6 yrs of our friendship I felt that my envolvement was more than her , I dont remember a time where we fought  and she came forward first for talking, this is what always made me realize that I was the one who needed her more,though I must mention that she had lot of personal problems but I was always there for her ,loved her like my blood ,stood by her whenever she needed me but everytime in some corner of my heart felt that where we were lacking the connecting, I was there for her in pain and happiness but where was she, My mornings would begin with her and night would end with her .

Years passed by I would just do everything for her and her family,our husbands were in transferable jobs but wherever we would go , the phone calls had to be there ,no matter what . 

Finally they were posted where we were posted  and wonderful it was to feel that we are going to be together again,jesus I was on cloud nine,but very soon we had a tiff.

Christ again I gave in most of the time I would as usual .Next disaster happened and I vented out ,and believe me after soo many years of friendship, when you give your heart and soul in a friendship ,and than you hear an OUTSIDER can’t talk like this,that crushed me too death ,my friendship had finished. I didn’t look back there after,the pain was too much to bear,but irony is i still care for love her , miss her , want her back .

friendship never dies ,but for now I really don’t know will we ever get back.

                           Kim malhotra 💟


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